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True 3D portraits of you from 3D Sacramento without the use of 3D glasses.

There is nothing more head turning and eye catching then a true 3D portrait of you. 3D images have been considered only a novelty in the past that you could purchase in a tourist shop but are still a unique visual treat.

3D Sacramento is pleased to announce a fully equipped 3D portrait studio with a multiple camera system that uses images captured from different angles to create an eye popping image that can be viewed without 3D glasses.

The technology and imagining system that is used by Tenevision is the first of its kind. All processes are done in house and are comparable to the cost of a 2D studio portrait with a sitting fee.

Now is the time to have a new family portrait done in Dazzling 3D that will be cherished by all the family and proudly displayed in a prominent place. These heirloom moments are created at your event or at a remote site. We can capture you in our optimally set scene for the lowest cost. We can also use our green screen that can set you into a 3D photographed backdrop that can be selected from our extensive library of parks, local landmarks, or even of your own backyard. So celebrate that special occasion with a one of a kind image of your family, your pet and even your custom car.

Your experience will be relaxed and enlightening as you observe the process of making your 3D image. Professional and courteous photographers are there to work with you on every element of the process to make sure your expectations and discerning tastes are met.

For more information email us at info@3DSac.com.

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